Direct Gifting

Direct Gifting – Enable “Direct Gifting” from your website

Any consumer good can be a gift for someone. If you offer “Direct Gifting” from your website, your customers can buy your products as gifts that will be sent directly to their intended recipients.

This is how 3B Vision can help you:

You also need to enable gift wrapping of products. Something that 3B Vision can also optionally help you with.

By enabling direct gifting, you can grow your revenues significantly, not least in the Christmas period of course.

3B Vision Fulfilment Network

3B Vision can provide fulfilment solutions for your personalised greeting cards requirements.

We can deliver the printed cards to your fulfilment facility to be included with the orders. Alternatively, you can send your orders to our fulfilment centre where the card and other personalised goods can be added to the order before shipping it. In this mode, we can also offer a gift wrapping service with over pack.

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