E-Commerce Webshop

E-Commerce Webshop

3B Vision’s E-Commerce Platform is highly performant, scalable, secure, and flexible. It can easily be customised and integrated with any type of project. Our E-Commerce Platform is most often used in conjunction with our Personalisation Platform.

The E-Commerce Platform can be used and integrated with your existing project, or can be used for the foundation of building an entirely new e-commerce website. 3B Vision can undertake building a website from the ground up according to requirements and instructions, or the platform can be used e.g. by your creative agency to implement the solution you require. The primary strength of our platform is its flexibility.

Highly Performant and Scalable

Our E-Commerce technology is built to be highly performant and scalable. Any website based on the platform can be deployed on web farms that scales to meet demand. Even the database backend can use “scale out” to cope with demand in certain scenarios.

One real-life application for a blue chip client that used a mix of web API and website was tested to process just over 80,000 mixed personalisation orders per hour on a dual-instance web farm with a single database server backend deployed on Amazon Web Services cloud. Other configurations can reach higher throughput. Contact us for details and to discuss your requirements for high volume e-commerce.


The platform is developed first and foremost with security in mind. Throughout all development, software undergoes rigorous and extensive testing. Client deployments are often tested and certified by independent third-party experts such as e.g. PWC.

We comply with European and American privacy regulations etc. If you require to operate in other jurisdictions, please enquire.

International and Local

Whatever country or countries in the world you need to operate in, and whatever languages and local regulations you need to support, 3B Vision’s E-Commerce Platform is the ideal choice for you.

We can support multiple languages, multiple currencies, multiple tax configurations and rates, as well as multiple payment/merchant settings for different countries.

Sites can automatically recognize visitors’ origin, and thus set the right localization settings, based on IP-address and/or browser settings, or visitors can be asked to choose their region as an alternative fall-back.


Digital e-coupons are among the many supported features. Coupons can be issued as single-use and personal, or as multi-use and publicised. Coupons can be used to redeem orders without paying or to provide specified discounts. Coupons can be time limited and conditional, e.g. the order must be of at least a certain value before the coupon can be applied with its discount. All coupon scenarios are supported.

Through the admin interface operators and stakeholders can keep detailed track of coupon usage and issue new coupons as relevant. Coupon info and settings can also be accessed through the API.


We have based our E-Commerce Platform on a full Microsoft technology stack (WINS). Microsoft is among the most widely used technology vendors for web solutions. However, even so, we support all modern standards, and an e-commerce backend built on our platform can easily integrate with e.g. website or technology built in PHP, Node.js, or pure client-side JavaScript.

Easily Customised and Integrated

As a platform our technology is easy to integrate with, and equally easy to extend and customize as well. It has been built to be flexible to fit into any possible scenario. Whatever your requirements, our e-commerce platform is a cost effective solution.

Implementation Scenarios

Typically, implementation of your webshop project will be similar to one of the following:

Deployment Scenarios

Deployment of project based on our e-commerce platform is typically either on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud or Microsoft Azure cloud. Using either of these two platforms is recommended. Other alternative options are available on request.

Which deployment configuration is selected may also in part depend on your implementation scenario. Typically, clients let 3B Vision run their site for them and we take care of support and maintenance. Under these circumstances we will decide to deploy on either AWS or Azure.

While other configurations can be supported, we recommend to use AWS or Azure.

Integration Scenarios

Implementing your website can be done with one of or a combinations of the following options:

We typically see a combination of these integration options used in a project.

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Whatever your requirements are, please contact us today to discuss how the highly performant, scalable, secure and localizable 3B Vision E-Commerce Platform can be used to ensure the success of your project. We are always happy to talk.