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Personalize Your Brand – Full Service E-Commerce for Brand Personalisation E-Commerce

Offering personalized versions of your typical branded products can be a great way to market your brand, engage with consumers, and build incremental revenue. Allowing consumers to put their name, photos, or other messages, on the products they know and love is a great way to build customer engagement. Experience has also shown that such marketing campaigns successfully activates social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

3B Vision has the software, the technical know-how, the fulfilment capabilities, and most importantly, the experience, to create and manage such personalisation experiences for your brand. We are the ideal partner to personalize your brand and to enable direct gifting.

Personalize Your Brand

“Personalize Your Brand” (PYB) is a full service from 3B Vision for creating online e-commerce shops that sells personalized versions of your branded product. Each project is different, but the idea is that your team and you will do as little as possible, while 3B Vision uses our full stack of services to create and run the e-commerce shop.

We typically undertake the following tasks to implement your project:

When the project is running we typically take care of the following:

Optional tasks we may also undertake:

Finances/Risk Sharing

With the “Personalize Your Brand” (PYB) service 3B Vision will handle all income from the project and forward payments in large, easily manageable chunks to you in accordance with the specifics of agreement.

In many cases 3B Vision is prepared to share the risk of the project. We will be able to implement the project without down payment, instead recouping costs from sales through the project.

However, each project is unique. Please contact us to discuss your project, and we will work out how best to work together.

Project Implementation

Typically, from agreement of project it will take approx. three months until ready for launch. However, this will of course vary with each project.

3B Vision will take care of everything, but will work closely with you and your team, including with your appointed creative agency where relevant. Ultimately, you are still in charge of your brand, and our job and responsibility is to make sure your brand looks great.

Next Steps

Please browse our website to learn more information about our technology stack, services, and solutions. Or better yet, just contact us to discuss your project. Even if your project is not happening yet, we are very happy to hear from you and more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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